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                                            HOWL II                      

                                           BLACK DROPS 
                                           Antoni Karwowski / performance
                                           Im Dong Chang / piano

Gdańsk / Teatr w Oknie

Boston - Mobius gallery / 1-2 November 2013


New York City - Grace Exhibition Space / 25 October 2013

Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin - Between Genes and Memes - transfer East / West
September 2013



"Between Genes and Memes" / SPIŻ gallery, Gdańsk / Poland / 
September 2013 

"Between Genes and Memes - memory of source" / National Museum Szczecin / Poland 
September 2013


 "Kunst August" Bad Radkersburg / Austria / August 2013

 "Pigs and Rabbits" performance art festival / Sopot / Poland
January 2013

SACROFON - device to registration personal asks (wishes, dreams) addressed to wide comprehended: universum, fate, god, etc...The device has the form of motor-cycle helmet, sews on the head during recording of wish. The project depends on registration (audio, photo) the men from different countries of the world.  See photo album - Gwangju / Korea