I observe the process of permanent deconstruction of memory by the reality around me. In this context, I put questions about identity.
The relationship between past and present aspects of looking for the universal order. Performance, enables me to fascinating "game" between the world of reality and remembered. Capture a sense of time and "influence" on the course of past events, modify them, build new configurations and their transfer to the real space.
In the performance I can find the form for my ideas, intuition and biologism of the body.

Goniądz (Poland)

Family home

1980 "Identification"

GROUP A more


CO-LAB 3 Berlin SAAVY Gallery
Collaboration between Antoni Karwowski and Márcio Carvalho. Project: On Memory

                                             24 h laboratory workshop - Szczecin / Poland 2011

                                                         "INTERAKCJE '11 festival (Poland)

                                      FESTIVAL "LA PORTA 11" - BARCELONA (CCCB, LA PORTA)

                                                                              24 hours laboratory

                                                                            "Burning head"


"Men only" - Berlin / Flutgraben 2010

"The Book" - Szczecin / National Museum

2010 "My Tram 2 " Szczecin (Poland)

"Extension 2" - Berlin / Grimmuseum

gallery KUB - Leipzig (Germany)

Contemporary Art Center Lublin (Poland)

"OFFICYNA" - Szczecin (Poland)

PERFORMANCE & INTERMEDIA National Museum Szczecin (Poland)

2003 Gutersloh (Germany)

Swinoujscie (Poland)

Szczecin (Poland)

NEGENTROPIA-MAN Entropia gallery Wrocław (Poland)

Performance Art Platform - Tel-Aviv

National Museum Szczecin (Poland)

KANA theatre - Szczecin (Poland)

Castle of Imagination (Poland)

Municipal Museum - Siegburg (Germany)

TRAWNIK / National Museum Szczecin (Poland)

NEWS / Biennial Contemporary Art - Szczecin (Poland)

CUBA CULTUR / Muenster (Germany)